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Lickerish - Feature film by Kyle Lovett - Joel
eSafety Office/Australian Government LGBTQIA+ Online safety campaign - TVC and Online - George
“Hush Hush” - TVC for Good Chat TV - Lead

2018 - Present - Corporate and medical role play 
2011 - Present - Hosting of interactive and immersive experiences

2022 - Monthy Drag Trivia hosting

2022 - Returned to BA work for various international brands from Sephora, Mecca, Hulu, D'Longhi, Kenwood, Vogue etc


Blooms Chemist Online and TVC for Sleep Apnea - Disgruntled Lover
Music Video - Testify (In Your Body) by James Alexandr - Jesus



Appen - Product development - Self
Mosh - TVC and Online content - Penis and Friend in Mourning.




Telstra "Belong" TVC - Self
"Peculiar River" - Factory Space Theatre - Lucio

Aurora Ball 20th Anniversary Ball Print and online campaign - Featured Model/Speaker/Talent

Soju Restaurant TVC - Frankendipity Enterprises

Ocean Lovers Festival - Modelled works of Marina Debris

Love and Disability Festival - Segment Host

Current Actor for Hidden Door Experiences

Not So Famous - Not So Famous Productions/Screen Australia - Media Host

Mardi Gras Official Launch Video "What Matters" 2020 - Mardi Gras Australia - Self

Domestic Violence, The Biggest Killer? - Simeon John - Self

Relationships Australia - Entropico Productions - Casey



"Date Night" - Channel 9 and Screentime - Self

"Step One" Underwear advertising and online media - Self

"Living-Non-Living" - Short film for Non Living Productions - Doc

"Cocktails or Mocktails" - Online pitch project by Seraphic Films - Drag Queen

"I am Multiverse" - Reality show for Franken Entertainment - Judge/Runway Coach
"Hands off 4 Life" - TVC and Online content - Texting driver/Killer




“12 inch night” - Theatre piece by SIBILS for Mardi Gras - Oli 

“Excuse me” - Series by - Shaman 

“Cyberhate” - The full box and ABC TV

Sydney gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras opening dialogue - SBS TV

aGender style - Aurora Group - Self

"We Are United" - Charity Organisation - Presenter/Self

“Fox and Hound” - Short by Gabriel Pace - David/Vicky

Medibank TVC/Online content - PedestrianTV - Presenter/Self
“Bad Priest” - Short by Pedro Gomes and Sydney Film Base - Detective Darren

Servcorp - Online advertisement - Featured

“Today Tonight” - Network 7 - Re-enactment

Unnamed pilot - ABC australia - Self

"Ryan and Katrine" - Part 1 of feature series by Alexander Ku - Katrine

"Unsynced" - Series by Militant Funktion for ABC tv and iView - Mina

"Retail Superwoman" - Webseries by Stand-in-lab - Man

"Witch Hunties" - Series by Michail Mathioudakis - Voodoo


"On their Pedistools" - Short piece by Scene Theatre - Jesus

Mosman Now - Series by Rachel Baker and Dark Horse Initiative - Quentin Cross

Dragnation Australia Grand final - Judge

“Ye old notes of Spark” - Short piece - Lucy Scott

"Here come the Habibs" - Jungle Entertainment - Thug #1 

“Soil” - TV Pilot - Russell.

“Alexa and Angelo” - Short by Beverley Callow - Alexa

“Project X” - Series for Bear Tiger Productions - Jaz

“Done Deal” - Short by Jaiden O’Connell - Rex Beezy

“Cyberhate” - The full box and ABC tv

“Karmafied” - Feature film by Travis Earl - Soso




“Pina colada” - Music video by Jeanne Tian - Lead

“Best Present” - Short film by Sydney Filmmakers - Jim

“Four Seasons Condoms” - online commercial - Featured

“Quite frankly” - Web series  by Moore Cocks Productions - Kyle/Jayque

“The Sex of Us” - TV Pilot by Hellion Inc - Ivy 

White pages print and online advertising shoot

“Dilemma” - Short by Sydney film base - Marc

QLife Australia documentary - "Identity" by Dean Francis and JJ Splice films

"Dark within" - Short by WACS Productions - Chris

Listerine TVC - Featured

"Dave plus one" - Web series by Phil Calloway - Reginald

"Filthy" - Short by Hamish Wayne - Clint

"Myth" - Feature by Curious Works - Alareihk




“Wingman” - Web series by Spaceboy Productions - Featured

“State of Affairs” - Web series by Orkward Films - Lee

“Estranged” - Australian premiere theatre piece by Brett Garland - Martin

“The Traveller” - Short film by Rosemary Gallagher - Matthew

“Praised” - Short film by Diva Oberoi - James

“The Communication Representative” - Short film by Eli Cameron - Mime

“Coming Clean” - Short by Kieran Warden - Jacob

“W.H.O.S Therapeutic Community Client Information Video” - By Dea Garden / And Cut Productions - Recovering Addict Testimonial

“Parking Ticket” - Short by Farren Iffield - “Manager”

Hungry Jacks Facebook online commercial series - Nug get 

“My Strug gle, The Life and Times of an Individ (In a World Full of Hipsters) - Sydney/Melbourne Mainstage premiere by The Violent Romantics theatre company - Jiang Braun

“Kingston Court” - TV Series by Killa Kreative - Dave

"On The Trail Of The Great North Road" - Online/DVD/School distributed DVD by Footprint Productions - Jeremiah Butler

Foxtel/Channel V TVC - Australian Artist of the Year - Barber

“Who Do You Think You Are?” - Short film by Alexandra Grant - Funny Man

TVC - “Pain Erazor” - Testimonial

“Blind Date” -  Short by Bumpy Ride Pictures - Luke

“Blind Justice” - Australian film base - Jacob

TVC - - Featured

“Acting Famous” - TV Series by Orris Films - Karl

“Puddles” - Short by Sleena Wilson/Tom Gallagher - Sharon

Daily Mail TVC - Photoplay Films - Featured

Queer Screen TVC and press footage - Queer screen - Cruella




“Sunrise” - Short Film by Yohet X - Head of Gang

“Mr Not-A-Hero Campaign” - Mr Equality

“Lost” - Short film by Michael Gumley - Chris

“Strikeforce” - Radio play by Matthew Nicholls - Franklin Mint

“Silvia Chaplin” - Short film by Urchin Productions - Gerrald/Marilyn

“Deciet” - Short by Australian film base and Cameron Townsend - Yuri

“Cracked” - Short film by Rhiannon Noon - Liam

“So hard for you” - Music Video by The Basics feat. Gotye

Anti Marajuana commercial - Lead

“Fango Negro” - Australian Premiere By future Classic Theatre - Shotgun

ACON online commercial - By ACON - Lead

Hahn TVC - Hipster

“Chain Link Murders” - Short Film by Donna Jacks - Jake

“True Face” - Feature film by Russian Doll Productions - Ali

“Left Behind” - Short film/documentary by Paul Argyropoulos - Dan/Rock Star

“Oz Road Movie” - Short film by Gilles Charron - Tony

“Torn Future” - Short film by Thijs Rozeboom - Skinny Thug

“Jason and Sarah” - Short film by Shu Guo - Jason

“Frank” - Short film/documentary by AFTRS - First AD

“Come on over” - Music video by Tracy Hardwick - Felicity

“Afterbirth” - Short film by Sam Freeman - Lance

“The Hunger” - Short film by Clifford McBride - Devin

“My Love Where Have You Gone?” - Short film by Simone Thompson and Hew Sandison - Nina

“Your Own Worst Enemy” - Documentary by Dennis D - Self

“Bob and Andy” - Short film by Natalie Spence - Andy

“It’s a Dole Life” - Web series by Knife and Fork Productions - Lyall

“As Flies to Wanton Boys” - Theatre piece by David Burrowes - Lawrence/Dusty

“From Meek to Chuck Norris” - Short by Screen Australia - Thug

“Trapped” - Short film by Matthew George - David




“1500 Steps” - feature film by Joshua reid and Earl St pictures - Callum Smith

“Belonging” - Theatre piece by Gianuca De Simone - Guide 2

“The Prospect” - Theatre piece by Hannah Olshansky - Jay

Hyandai "Veloster" and Channel V TVS - Cool Guy 

Promotional video for Alcoholics anonymous and NSW health by Dean Harmon - Heroin addict/Depression

"Model Madness" - Pilot by By Cardia films - Fashion Stylist

Promotional video by Deborah Sovierzoski for "Leading edge" market research consultants - Personality “Shadowcast” - Short By Chris Dinh - Marcus

Online campaign for MS Australia by Ken Karpel - Scientist

“The Next Big Thing” - Short by Elizabeth Cooper - Davo

“The Future Of Music” - Music video by Jayde Ecomenos - Band

“Double Date” - Short by Benne Samways - Scott

“L.A.R.P. - The Crowblade Chronicles” - TV Series by Orkward Pictures - Azrael

“Smashed” - Short by Rebecca Anderson - Lewis

“Farid in the West” - Short film by Spaceboy Productions - Transvestitie

2009-2012 - SAE and UTS Direction class - Actor.

“Beachcombers” - Short by Lachie Hinton - Brenton

“Rose” - Short by Rachel Ching - Lead

“Sleep?” - Short by Billal Barrouhi - Dan

“Red Handed” - Short by Madeline Rose - Harvey Lawrence

“Erik and Derek” - Short by Jade Fisher and Metro Screen - Derek

“The Silence Within” - Short by Tim Van Zuylen - Witch spirit

“Diamonds Are A Drags Best Friend” - Short by Hayley Kendall - Lady Eunice

"The Living Room" - Food allergy segment

“The Future” - Short by Sam Elliot - Self

“Measures” - Web series by Jilvanfilms- Drug gie 1

“Vivid Documentary” - By Eddie Sibbs - Narrator

“Realtors” - Tv Series by Bumpy Ride Pictures - Adir

“Dyslexia” - Short by Nara Peek-Silva - Clerk

“Vengeance” - Short by Andy Park - Gale Hunt

“Vin/Taj” on Peters - Pilot by Spencer Hull - Vinny

“The Audience” - Granada productions - Self

Reese Mastin Concert video - Zombie

Numerous works - Commercial classes - TAFE institute

“The Poor Girl” - Short by Tara Perriera - Man

“Sour Grapes” - Short by Compound Fiasco Productions - Brian

“Taken away (Daren)” - Short by Charlie Middleton - Daren

“The web” - Short by Lily Macken-Haynes - Alex

“Family Values” - Short but Paul Zagoridis and Paul Camillios - Geoff

“The breaking” - Short by Jordan Buck - Robert

“Taxi Driver” - Short by Joe June - Grub

“Hoochi Toochi Fettamuchi” - Short by Scott Maxworthy - Basil Bellafonte

“Stage Fright” - Short by Brandon Caleb - Tall guy 

"A Silent Woodland" - Short by George Mackenzie - Witch/Voodoo




“Renob” - Short film by Jayde Ecomonos- Doctor

SAE Green screen effects class 

“Four 4’s” - Anti drink driving campaign - By Paul Fellowes

“Lovedotcom” - TV Pilot by 9 crows - Skye

“Assailants” - Feature by Kevin Dean - Scyth

“Certinex” - Short by Felix Von Vogelsang

“The Other Woman” - By Clementine Levingston - Husband

“Switchblade” - Short by Emma Boddington - Jose/Cocaine Dealer

“Music Review” - Short by Amy Smith- Reviewer

“Untitled” - Short by Taehyun Kim- Boyfriend

“The Waiting Room” - Short - Kim

“Pigeon Man” - Short by Amanda Thai - Pigeon/Homeless man.

“When Love Goes Wrong” - Short - Husband.

“Feast” - Short by Rishi Patanckar - Voiceover 

“Rock, Bottle and Roll” - Dry July Campaign" Directed by Damien Dlogolecki - Johnny Two Thumbs

“M” - Short by Andrew Hayak - "M" flashmob campaign - Golfer

“Hunting Dogs” - Short by East India Film Productions - Jacky

“Flat Whites” - TV Series by Maxfilm Productions - Stefan

“Lie Out Loud” - Short by Ed Hart and Lauren Schulberg - Paul

“Blackmail” - Pilot series - James 

“48” - film project - Max.

“Angel vs Evil” - Short by Helen Charm - Jason

“A la Carte” - Short by Tiphaine Deswarte - South American Guy

“Dead Weight” - Short by Stephan Rag g - Penn

“Scythe” - Trailer by Jack Koh - Talking Head 

“Language And Image” - Short by Collin Trevena - Guy

“You Wouldn't Like The Real Me”- Short by Elliot Ryan - Spib 

“From Sydney With Love” - Feature film - Drug addict

“An Elegy” - Short By Eugene Rag gio - Brother

“Godschool” - Feature Film by Will Field - Ghost

“Au Revoir Scumbag” - Theatre piece by Dania Nour - Millwood

“The Hangman Of Bondi” - Performance piece - By Robert Howard - The hangman




“Say So” - Music video for Brian MacFadden - Dancer and Fan

“Charity Hurts” - Feature Film by Andrew Thatcher - Nic Stevens

“A Woman Of No Importance” - Online animation by Richard Ly - Face and voice of Lord Alfred

“Bernardos promotional DVD” - Foster child

Music video for Ray Isaak - Dancer

“Beyond The Limit Of Sight” - TV Pilot - Marty

“Before The Devil knows you're Dead” - Music Video for Jimmy Barnes - Featured Lady Boy.

“Who The F**k Are You?” - Animated film by Darko Djercic- Mental patient number 5

“Tommy and Krista” - Music video for Thirsty Merc - Photographer 

“Tamoly” - Short by Ran Lee - Daniel.

“Find The Love” - Music video for Aladdin Youssef - Fiance

“The Fantastic Ones” - Short film by Stephan Brag g - Igor

“Psycho Shelter” - Short film - Michael Bexter

“The Infamous Mr Bates” - Short film - Norman

“Bruised Together” - Short film - Samuel

“Single White Female” - Short film by Hannah Jongleblod - Sam

“Corners” - Short film and theatre performance by Jordan Byron - James

“Religion, Medicine, The Creation Of The Universe, Critical Thinking And Love Story” - Short by Rhys Votano - Micahel Angelo

"Rubber Room" - Music video for Fantene - Sailor

“Paper Doll” - Short by Tim Burrows - Doctor

“Father, Mother, Son” - Short by Mateusz Subieta - Son

“Tick” - Short by Andrew Tran - Michael

“Strange Occurances” - Web series By Matthew Ducker - Sergio

“Facade” - Short by Lillian Brown - Tad

“A Dusty Town” - Feature film by Richard Michalak - Ducks

“Alien Chooks In Lithgow” - Theatre piece - Various roles




“Untitled Short” - By Ania Stepien - Villain

“Saving Grace” Music Video by - Featured dancer

“Shake Your Body” Music video by Duran - Bartender

“Easy Money” - Short by John Clark - Jason

“Orderly Repair” - Short by Sara Hankins - Featured Patient

“Rehabilliataion” - Short film by Tim Noakes - Mongril

UTS student directors classes - Actor

“Benefit” - Short length feature by AFTRS - Emo/Dancer

“Usher Madness” - Short by Tiffany Brichford - Usher

“The Postcard Goodbye” - Short by Amy Maddison - Tom

“The Morning After - Short film by Joela Lavoir - Hayley

“Aaden And Charlton” - By Hayley Reid - Charlton

“The Russian” - Short by Sara Hankins - Head of French Trust







Diab Metry