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ACON - “Party with love” campaign for Mardi Gras and World Pride - Lead

ACON - “Protect with love” HIV/STI Prevention TVC and campaign for Mardi Gras and World Pride - Lead

Step One Clothing - TVC, print and online media for Pride series - Lead/self

Ladylash - Online video and photographic media model - Lead

Vively - Online video and photographic media presenter 

Dopamining - Short film by Jyot Bhalla - Chad
Dark Stories Sydney - Mystery of the Blue Bloodhound Interactive Theatre - Mark Barrens

NSW NSW Environment Protection Authority "EPA" TVC - Ravel Media - Hero 
2018 - Present - Corporate and medical role play 
2011 - Present - Hosting of interactive and immersive experiences




“Lickerish” - Feature film by Kyle Lovett - Joel

eSafety Office/Australian Government LGBTQIA+ Online safety campaign - TVC and Online - George

“Hush Hush” - TVC for Good Chat TV - Lead

“Band(she)” - Short film for Bus Stop Films - Werewolf

2022 - Monthy Drag Trivia hosting

2019 - Present - Hosting through to BA work for various international brands such as Sephora, Mecca, Hulu, D'Longhi, Kenwood, Vogue, The State Theatre, The Theatre Royal, Underground Cinema, various sports clubs etc.


Blooms Chemist Online and TVC for Sleep Apnea - Disgruntled Lover
Music Video - Testify (In Your Body) by James Alexandr - Jesus



Appen - Product development - Self
Mosh - TVC and Online content - Penis and Friend in Mourning.




Telstra "Belong" TVC - Self
"Peculiar River" - Factory Space Theatre - Lucio

Aurora Ball 20th Anniversary Ball Print and online campaign - Featured Model/Speaker/Talent

Soju Restaurant TVC - Frankendipity Enterprises

Ocean Lovers Festival - Modelled works of Marina Debris

Love and Disability Festival - Segment Host

Current Actor for Hidden Door Experiences

Not So Famous - Not So Famous Productions/Screen Australia - Media Host

Mardi Gras Official Launch Video "What Matters" 2020 - Mardi Gras Australia - Self

Domestic Violence, The Biggest Killer? - Simeon John - Self

Relationships Australia - Entropico Productions - Casey



"Date Night" - Channel 9 and Screentime - Self

"Step One" Underwear advertising and online media - Self

"Living-Non-Living" - Short film for Non Living Productions - Doc

"Cocktails or Mocktails" - Online pitch project by Seraphic Films - Drag Queen

"I am Multiverse" - Reality show for Franken Entertainment - Judge/Runway Coach
"Hands off 4 Life" - TVC and Online content - Texting driver/Killer




“12 inch night” - Theatre piece by SIBILS for Mardi Gras - Oli 

“Excuse me” - Series by - Shaman 

“Cyberhate” - The full box and ABC TV

Sydney gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras opening dialogue - SBS TV

aGender style - Aurora Group - Self

"We Are United" - Charity Organisation - Presenter/Self

“Fox and Hound” - Short by Gabriel Pace - David/Vicky

Medibank TVC/Online content - PedestrianTV - Presenter/Self
“Bad Priest” - Short by Pedro Gomes and Sydney Film Base - Detective Darren

Servcorp - Online advertisement - Featured

“Today Tonight” - Network 7 - Re-enactment

Unnamed pilot - ABC australia - Self

"Ryan and Katrine" - Part 1 of feature series by Alexander Ku - Katrine

"Unsynced" - Series by Militant Funktion for ABC tv and iView - Mina

"Retail Superwoman" - Webseries by Stand-in-lab - Man

"Witch Hunties" - Series by Michail Mathioudakis - Voodoo


"On their Pedistools" - Short piece by Scene Theatre - Jesus

Mosman Now - Series by Rachel Baker and Dark Horse Initiative - Quentin Cross

Dragnation Australia Grand final - Judge

“Ye old notes of Spark” - Short piece - Lucy Scott

"Here come the Habibs" - Jungle Entertainment - Thug #1 

“Soil” - TV Pilot - Russell.

“Alexa and Angelo” - Short by Beverley Callow - Alexa

“Project X” - Series for Bear Tiger Productions - Jaz

“Done Deal” - Short by Jaiden O’Connell - Rex Beezy

“Cyberhate” - The full box and ABC tv

“Karmafied” - Feature film by Travis Earl - Soso




“Pina colada” - Music video by Jeanne Tian - Lead

“Best Present” - Short film by Sydney Filmmakers - Jim

“Four Seasons Condoms” - online commercial - Featured

“Quite frankly” - Web series  by Moore Cocks Productions - Kyle/Jayque

“The Sex of Us” - TV Pilot by Hellion Inc - Ivy 

White pages print and online advertising shoot

“Dilemma” - Short by Sydney film base - Marc

QLife Australia documentary - "Identity" by Dean Francis and JJ Splice films

"Dark within" - Short by WACS Productions - Chris

Listerine TVC - Featured

"Dave plus one" - Web series by Phil Calloway - Reginald

"Filthy" - Short by Hamish Wayne - Clint

"Myth" - Feature by Curious Works - Alareihk




“Wingman” - Web series by Spaceboy Productions - Featured

“State of Affairs” - Web series by Orkward Films - Lee

“Estranged” - Australian premiere theatre piece by Brett Garland - Martin

“The Traveller” - Short film by Rosemary Gallagher - Matthew

“Praised” - Short film by Diva Oberoi - James

“The Communication Representative” - Short film by Eli Cameron - Mime

“Coming Clean” - Short by Kieran Warden - Jacob

“W.H.O.S Therapeutic Community Client Information Video” - By Dea Garden / And Cut Productions - Recovering Addict Testimonial

“Parking Ticket” - Short by Farren Iffield - “Manager”

Hungry Jacks Facebook online commercial series - Nug get 

“My Strug gle, The Life and Times of an Individ (In a World Full of Hipsters) - Sydney/Melbourne Mainstage premiere by The Violent Romantics theatre company - Jiang Braun

“Kingston Court” - TV Series by Killa Kreative - Dave

"On The Trail Of The Great North Road" - Online/DVD/School distributed DVD by Footprint Productions - Jeremiah Butler

Foxtel/Channel V TVC - Australian Artist of the Year - Barber

“Who Do You Think You Are?” - Short film by Alexandra Grant - Funny Man

TVC - “Pain Erazor” - Testimonial

“Blind Date” -  Short by Bumpy Ride Pictures - Luke

“Blind Justice” - Australian film base - Jacob

TVC - - Featured

“Acting Famous” - TV Series by Orris Films - Karl

“Puddles” - Short by Sleena Wilson/Tom Gallagher - Sharon

Daily Mail TVC - Photoplay Films - Featured

Queer Screen TVC and press footage - Queer screen - Cruella




“Sunrise” - Short Film by Yohet X - Head of Gang

“Mr Not-A-Hero Campaign” - Mr Equality

“Lost” - Short film by Michael Gumley - Chris

“Strikeforce” - Radio play by Matthew Nicholls - Franklin Mint

“Silvia Chaplin” - Short film by Urchin Productions - Gerrald/Marilyn

“Deciet” - Short by Australian film base and Cameron Townsend - Yuri

“Cracked” - Short film by Rhiannon Noon - Liam

“So hard for you” - Music Video by The Basics feat. Gotye

Anti Marajuana commercial - Lead

“Fango Negro” - Australian Premiere By future Classic Theatre - Shotgun

ACON online commercial - By ACON - Lead

Hahn TVC - Hipster

“Chain Link Murders” - Short Film by Donna Jacks - Jake

“True Face” - Feature film by Russian Doll Productions - Ali

“Left Behind” - Short film/documentary by Paul Argyropoulos - Dan/Rock Star

“Oz Road Movie” - Short film by Gilles Charron - Tony

“Torn Future” - Short film by Thijs Rozeboom - Skinny Thug

“Jason and Sarah” - Short film by Shu Guo - Jason

“Frank” - Short film/documentary by AFTRS - First AD

“Come on over” - Music video by Tracy Hardwick - Felicity

“Afterbirth” - Short film by Sam Freeman - Lance

“The Hunger” - Short film by Clifford McBride - Devin

“My Love Where Have You Gone?” - Short film by Simone Thompson and Hew Sandison - Nina

“Your Own Worst Enemy” - Documentary by Dennis D - Self

“Bob and Andy” - Short film by Natalie Spence - Andy

“It’s a Dole Life” - Web series by Knife and Fork Productions - Lyall

“As Flies to Wanton Boys” - Theatre piece by David Burrowes - Lawrence/Dusty

“From Meek to Chuck Norris” - Short by Screen Australia - Thug

“Trapped” - Short film by Matthew George - David




“1500 Steps” - feature film by Joshua reid and Earl St pictures - Callum Smith

“Belonging” - Theatre piece by Gianuca De Simone - Guide 2

“The Prospect” - Theatre piece by Hannah Olshansky - Jay

Hyandai "Veloster" and Channel V TVS - Cool Guy 

Promotional video for Alcoholics anonymous and NSW health by Dean Harmon - Heroin addict/Depression

"Model Madness" - Pilot by By Cardia films - Fashion Stylist

Promotional video by Deborah Sovierzoski for "Leading edge" market research consultants - Personality “Shadowcast” - Short By Chris Dinh - Marcus

Online campaign for MS Australia by Ken Karpel - Scientist

“The Next Big Thing” - Short by Elizabeth Cooper - Davo

“The Future Of Music” - Music video by Jayde Ecomenos - Band

“Double Date” - Short by Benne Samways - Scott

“L.A.R.P. - The Crowblade Chronicles” - TV Series by Orkward Pictures - Azrael

“Smashed” - Short by Rebecca Anderson - Lewis

“Farid in the West” - Short film by Spaceboy Productions - Transvestitie

2009-2012 - SAE and UTS Direction class - Actor.

“Beachcombers” - Short by Lachie Hinton - Brenton

“Rose” - Short by Rachel Ching - Lead

“Sleep?” - Short by Billal Barrouhi - Dan

“Red Handed” - Short by Madeline Rose - Harvey Lawrence

“Erik and Derek” - Short by Jade Fisher and Metro Screen - Derek

“The Silence Within” - Short by Tim Van Zuylen - Witch spirit

“Diamonds Are A Drags Best Friend” - Short by Hayley Kendall - Lady Eunice

"The Living Room" - Food allergy segment

“The Future” - Short by Sam Elliot - Self

“Measures” - Web series by Jilvanfilms- Drug gie 1

“Vivid Documentary” - By Eddie Sibbs - Narrator

“Realtors” - Tv Series by Bumpy Ride Pictures - Adir

“Dyslexia” - Short by Nara Peek-Silva - Clerk

“Vengeance” - Short by Andy Park - Gale Hunt

“Vin/Taj” on Peters - Pilot by Spencer Hull - Vinny

“The Audience” - Granada productions - Self

Reese Mastin Concert video - Zombie

Numerous works - Commercial classes - TAFE institute

“The Poor Girl” - Short by Tara Perriera - Man

“Sour Grapes” - Short by Compound Fiasco Productions - Brian

“Taken away (Daren)” - Short by Charlie Middleton - Daren

“The web” - Short by Lily Macken-Haynes - Alex

“Family Values” - Short but Paul Zagoridis and Paul Camillios - Geoff

“The breaking” - Short by Jordan Buck - Robert

“Taxi Driver” - Short by Joe June - Grub

“Hoochi Toochi Fettamuchi” - Short by Scott Maxworthy - Basil Bellafonte

“Stage Fright” - Short by Brandon Caleb - Tall guy 

"A Silent Woodland" - Short by George Mackenzie - Witch/Voodoo




“Renob” - Short film by Jayde Ecomonos- Doctor

SAE Green screen effects class 

“Four 4’s” - Anti drink driving campaign - By Paul Fellowes

“Lovedotcom” - TV Pilot by 9 crows - Skye

“Assailants” - Feature by Kevin Dean - Scyth

“Certinex” - Short by Felix Von Vogelsang

“The Other Woman” - By Clementine Levingston - Husband

“Switchblade” - Short by Emma Boddington - Jose/Cocaine Dealer

“Music Review” - Short by Amy Smith- Reviewer

“Untitled” - Short by Taehyun Kim- Boyfriend

“The Waiting Room” - Short - Kim

“Pigeon Man” - Short by Amanda Thai - Pigeon/Homeless man.

“When Love Goes Wrong” - Short - Husband.

“Feast” - Short by Rishi Patanckar - Voiceover 

“Rock, Bottle and Roll” - Dry July Campaign" Directed by Damien Dlogolecki - Johnny Two Thumbs

“M” - Short by Andrew Hayak - "M" flashmob campaign - Golfer

“Hunting Dogs” - Short by East India Film Productions - Jacky

“Flat Whites” - TV Series by Maxfilm Productions - Stefan

“Lie Out Loud” - Short by Ed Hart and Lauren Schulberg - Paul

“Blackmail” - Pilot series - James 

“48” - film project - Max.

“Angel vs Evil” - Short by Helen Charm - Jason

“A la Carte” - Short by Tiphaine Deswarte - South American Guy

“Dead Weight” - Short by Stephan Rag g - Penn

“Scythe” - Trailer by Jack Koh - Talking Head 

“Language And Image” - Short by Collin Trevena - Guy

“You Wouldn't Like The Real Me”- Short by Elliot Ryan - Spib 

“From Sydney With Love” - Feature film - Drug addict

“An Elegy” - Short By Eugene Rag gio - Brother

“Godschool” - Feature Film by Will Field - Ghost

“Au Revoir Scumbag” - Theatre piece by Dania Nour - Millwood

“The Hangman Of Bondi” - Performance piece - By Robert Howard - The hangman




“Say So” - Music video for Brian MacFadden - Dancer and Fan

“Charity Hurts” - Feature Film by Andrew Thatcher - Nic Stevens

“A Woman Of No Importance” - Online animation by Richard Ly - Face and voice of Lord Alfred

“Bernardos promotional DVD” - Foster child

Music video for Ray Isaak - Dancer

“Beyond The Limit Of Sight” - TV Pilot - Marty

“Before The Devil knows you're Dead” - Music Video for Jimmy Barnes - Featured Lady Boy.

“Who The F**k Are You?” - Animated film by Darko Djercic- Mental patient number 5

“Tommy and Krista” - Music video for Thirsty Merc - Photographer 

“Tamoly” - Short by Ran Lee - Daniel.

“Find The Love” - Music video for Aladdin Youssef - Fiance

“The Fantastic Ones” - Short film by Stephan Brag g - Igor

“Psycho Shelter” - Short film - Michael Bexter

“The Infamous Mr Bates” - Short film - Norman

“Bruised Together” - Short film - Samuel

“Single White Female” - Short film by Hannah Jongleblod - Sam

“Corners” - Short film and theatre performance by Jordan Byron - James

“Religion, Medicine, The Creation Of The Universe, Critical Thinking And Love Story” - Short by Rhys Votano - Micahel Angelo

"Rubber Room" - Music video for Fantene - Sailor

“Paper Doll” - Short by Tim Burrows - Doctor

“Father, Mother, Son” - Short by Mateusz Subieta - Son

“Tick” - Short by Andrew Tran - Michael

“Strange Occurances” - Web series By Matthew Ducker - Sergio

“Facade” - Short by Lillian Brown - Tad

“A Dusty Town” - Feature film by Richard Michalak - Ducks

“Alien Chooks In Lithgow” - Theatre piece - Various roles




“Untitled Short” - By Ania Stepien - Villain

“Saving Grace” Music Video by - Featured dancer

“Shake Your Body” Music video by Duran - Bartender

“Easy Money” - Short by John Clark - Jason

“Orderly Repair” - Short by Sara Hankins - Featured Patient

“Rehabilliataion” - Short film by Tim Noakes - Mongril

UTS student directors classes - Actor

“Benefit” - Short length feature by AFTRS - Emo/Dancer

“Usher Madness” - Short by Tiffany Brichford - Usher

“The Postcard Goodbye” - Short by Amy Maddison - Tom

“The Morning After - Short film by Joela Lavoir - Hayley

“Aaden And Charlton” - By Hayley Reid - Charlton

“The Russian” - Short by Sara Hankins - Head of French Trust







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